Power Solutions

  • XLPE Cable Jointing

  • Power cables fluid filled

  • Pipe type cable (HPPT)

  • Gas Filled Power Cable Jointing

  • Cable jointing subsea

  • DC Links Jointing

  • Design & Construct

About Us :: History

Campbellwhite Power System's was formed in late 1998 to provide cable jointing services to the growing Ausrtralian power industry, operating mainly from Australia.  

In the ensuing years Campbellwhite have grown the cable jointing/splicing business to cover the global demands of the power industry, with as many as twelve (12) professional jointers operating anywhere within the world at any given time.  Campbellwhite in 2004 leveraged our extensive knowledge base in power systems; to enter the market as a representative for multiple major global power cable suppliers.  Our cable supply into major utilities throughout Australia has been a testament to our successes in providing high quality product with outstanding value.

Through Campbellwhite's never ceasing dedication to work both internally and externally in the field ,the company has attained a pride in craftmans-like job completion, competitive pricing and dedicated executive work.  

From our team at Campbellwhite we would like to extend our invitation to you and your company for all of your power solution needs, whether it is a quote for cable jointer, one drum or 500km of cable, you will find our attitude to be positive and refreshing in every respect.

Michael White
Founder & CEO, Campbellwhite