Power Solutions

  • XLPE Cable Jointing

  • Power cables fluid filled

  • Pipe type cable (HPPT)

  • Gas Filled Power Cable Jointing

  • Cable jointing subsea

  • DC Links Jointing

  • Design & Construct

Cable Jointing Projects

Silec Cable - France
Cable Jointing Project 345kV Zambia - Africa

The 345kV Zambia project was completed in record time and within budget and included extensive cable laying, joints and terminations for long term customer Silec Cable of France.


Wilson Construction - Mississippi River

Cable Jointing Project - 2500mm2 Enamel Stranded Conductor -  New Orleans - USA

Cable Jointing

This project for New Orleans and Wilson Construction involved a 2500mm2 enamel stranded conductor work that required a rare skill set. Each stranded conductor has to be individually bead blasted and prepped for jointing, as it spanned the Mississippi river and was one of the few power components that survived hurricane Katrina. Campbell White are called upon globally for critical installs and repairs. 

Cable Jointing - Detroit 345kV Oil Filled for W.A Chester LLC


The Detroit, Michigan 345kV hppt ppe   5000kcm  project.

Cable Jointing-Oslo 400kV Transition Joint Oil to XLPE - Nexans Norway

 This 2000mm2 Copper XLPE to 1600mm2 SCCF transition joints for Nexans Norway was a massive and complex jointing and termination project taken on by Campbell White. Our staff completed this project on time and with a skill set that very few companies can provide.

These four projects are simply a small cross section of Campbell Whites 250+ jointing projects from around the world. Whether you require a simple 132kV XLPE joint or a complex 400kV transition joint from oil filled to XLPE, then Campbell White have the solution for you.