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Mr Trevor Dalton

 Campbellwhite have a staff of ten (10) qualified cable jointers available for projects around the globe.

Chief Jointing Instructor / Jointing Engineer

1965 - 2000   BICC Cables Ltd, Erith, Kent, UK.

2000 to present.  Campbellwhite

Trevor Joined BICC cables in June 1965 as a jointers mate in the High Voltage Centre. During my time at the High Voltage Centre I progressed from jointers mate to trainee jointer and fully qualified 525kV jointer.

In 1985 I took up a position in the BICC Jointer Training School  as jointing  Instructor, progressing to the position of Chief Instructor/Jointing engineer. 

I have been responsible for training Jointers and Engineers from BICC and other companies from all over the world on Fluid Filled, XLPE, Gas cable, and Submarine cable at all voltages up to 525kV. At BICC I was also involved with the design, jointing and testing of new jointing accessories. Following the acquisition of BICC by Pirelli I left the company at the end of year 2000, to take up my present position with Campbell White as Jointing-Splicing instructor / Engineer.

During my time at BICC / Pirelli until year ending 2000 I was involved with on site training of jointers/engineers and jointing on the following contracts.


Over a period of 35 years, and while employed at BICC in England, I was fully trained on all  methods of submarine cable jointing, including a six month course on the art of lead burning. Many years experience were also obtained jointing cables in the BICC High Voltage Test Centre which involved the development, jointing and testing of submarine joints.

As the chief instructor of the BICC training school, responsibilities included training of jointers and engineers in the methods required for jointing submarine cables.

Early field experience with jointing submarine cable was obtained on Cooke Strait, New Zealand, where repair work was required to a damaged 250kV DC single core gas filled cable. On the Isle of White link, test ends and flexible straight joints for a 132kV three - core fluid filled cable were performed.  This project required additional services on several occasions, in the 70’s, 80’s and again in 1996.

During the mid 80’s, and over a two year period, expert jointing skills were required for the development, testing, and jointing of a 150kV three core fluid filled cable to make flexible straight joints for the Java-Madura interconnection in Indonesia. Since the original installation, the cable has been damaged on several occasions, so subsequent repairs have been made to these cables.

Trevor is certified on all voltages and cable types and has right to work status in most nations including North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and much of the Middle East and Africa.  He is considered world class in his field and provides his expertise for Campbell White on a global basis.



                        Title:                 Extra High Voltage Cable Jointer

 My responsibilities include all aspects of High Voltage Cable Jointing 11Kv to 500Kv worldwide, XLPE, Gas, self contained oil and pipe type cables, including Telecommunications and control cables. 

2000 to 2002                 Pirelli Cables Limited, Church Manorway, Erith, Kent, DA8 1HS

                                    Title:                 Extra High Voltage Cable Jointer 

My responsibilities with Pirelli were as described above, except for pipe type cables. 


1990 to 2000                 B.I.C.C Cables, Church Manorway, Erith, Kent, DA8 1HS

                                    Title:                 Extra High Voltage Cable Jointer 

B.I.C.C was taken over by Pirelli Cables Ltd in 2000 and my employment transferred accordingly.

 1977 to 1990                 Seeboard, Bircholt Road, Parkwood, Kent

                                    Title:     Cable Jointer

                                   My responsibilities included all aspects of LV and MV live jointing and 11Kv to 33Kv solid                                     Cable Jointing in the Kent area.


Mark has worked with Campbellwhite as a cable jointer in 2003 and has  qualified in the industry since 1988. Mark has extensive experience in the cable industry has well and has been involved in international projects as well as long term contracts within Australia.  His experience in oil filled as well as XLPE product enables him to joint most any project.