Power Solutions

  • XLPE Cable Jointing

  • Power cables fluid filled

  • Pipe type cable (HPPT)

  • Gas Filled Power Cable Jointing

  • Cable jointing subsea

  • DC Links Jointing

  • Design & Construct

Markets :: Transmission & Distribution

The single largest market for Campbellwhite Power Solutions and our cable supply and jointing team is in the T&D markets globally.  We have supplied cable for some of the largest utilities in the world, as well as provided advanced jointing expertise for many nations as well.  We currently are on numerous cable supply panels and tender committee's where our professional approach and quality product are considered top tier.

Transmission & Distribution cable, accessories and jointing is the backbone of what we do, and we do it well, cost effectively and with a passion to serve.  A commitment to quality manufacturing, advanced account management and servicing techniques allow us to provide our T&D customers with timely deliveries at a value.

We can also provide aluminium rod from our state of the art aluminium manufacturing partners in Malaysia with EC Grade 1350, Alloys 1120, 6101 & 6202, which are typically used in overhead power and distribution cables.