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Power Cable

Our power cables are available from 600 volts upwards and are produced according to Australian and international standards to meet every requirement available.  Quick manufacturing times and small drum lengths are available. Campbell White supplies a variety of power cable products that are essential to the industry.

Single core, two core, three cores + concentric, four cores and aerials are power cable products offered by our manufacturing partners represented by Campbell White Power Solutions. We have immediate access to the largest production volumes in the world for power cable product, with installations throughout Australia and the world. From underground to submarine cables and overhead transmission lines, we offer a high quality product, with proven on-time deliveries and managed by world class account management and engineering professionals.

AAC, AAC, ACSR cable are all supplied by Campbell White, as well as earth wire, flat cable, XLPE, fluid filled power cable, OPGW and standard production household cable products.

Overhead Conductors

With the ever increasing need to supply lower cost high performance cable products for energy supply in country and remote communities, the need for high-capacity overhead power transmission systems is mandatory. At Campbell White we represent not only suppliers of overhead conductors, but represent the aluminum foundries as well.

Overhead conductor power cable remains the worlds number one choice for power transmission.  The needs of power companies and increasing demands of power consumption requires that our products are being made using high degrees of functionality, cost-effective manufacturing and green recycling wherever possible. Campbell White represents the world leaders in overhead conductors including OPGW and specialized overhead transmission lines.

Aluminum & aluminum alloy conductors are the preferred and dominant choice for power cable conductors in several areas of power cable transmission and distribution.  The major areas dominated by aluminum and aluminum alloy conductors are non-insulated overhead power transmission, insulated overhead power transmission and non overhead power cable distribution.

Underground Transmission

The technology and reliability requirements of manfuactures of underground transmission power cable is crucial in meeting the worlds growing needs for high performance cable systems.  Campbell White supplies XLPE power cables, oil (fluid) filled power cable and enamel stranded high performance cable up to 550kV with industry standard performance and long term reliability.  Utilizing clean room technology and the latest in European and American manufacturing equipment and processing technology, Campbell White manufacturers have provided power cable products for all six continents underground transmission needs.

Manufactured using VCV as well as near vertical production lines, our underground transmission power cable products represent the quality and performance demands of todays new suburbs and communities, as well as in-city retrofits from overhead transmission to underground.  In addition to the cable design itself, the quality of the cable can be monitored by DTS (distributed temperature sensing) products, that helps monitor cable degradation over the life time of the power cable.

Distribution Power Cable

Campbell White power cable products for the distribution sector is driven by reliability, cost-performance and long-term reliability of the products that are supplied. Every manufacturer we represent are ISO9001 certified. Distribution power cable using copper and aluminum are designed for extreme wind, water impervious characteristics and always off the absolute best-value possible.

For more information on power cable products or to receive a quotation please feel free to contact Mark Tozer directly at mtozer@campbellwhite.com